Confessions of a Band Geek Mom

Author — Stacy Dymalski

Type of Book — Non-Fiction

Description — In this book, Stacy Dymalski provides an interesting perspective on moving from being a professional person who’s totally focused on her career to a mother whose main focus is her kids. Some of the chapters include “The Party’s Over (Or Is It?)” where she talks about her beginnings with her husband, and how she and her husband became parents. She continues talking about the parenting journey in chapters like “The Art of Using Scissors (Blood and Gore, Part 1)” where she hurt herself with a pair of scissors, “Towels Gone Wild (Blood and Gore, Part),” where she talks about an accident one of her friend’s children got into, “That Old Time Religion,” where she talks about her experiences teaching Sunday School, and of course “Confessions of a Band Geek Mom,” where she talks about her experiences when her sons decided to sign up for band.

URLs where the book can be purchased

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