Author — Bill Cosby

Type of Book — Nonfiction

Description — In this book, Bill Cosby takes a humorous look at being a father and just at life in general – you’ll get something out of this book whether you’re a father or not, but you’ll probably get even more out of it if you are a father. And if you’re ever watched “Bill Cosby: Himself,” or listened to any of his other routines, you’ll probably recognize some of the stories he tells, such as his the plane ride he was on with a mother and her young son Jeffrey, his experiences at the dentist, or the time when his children wanted chocolate cake for breakfast.

URLs where the book can be purchasedhttps://www.amazon.com/Bill-Cosby-Fatherhood/dp/B002SK8YB2/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&qid=1464791447&sr=8-1&keywords=fatherhood+by+bill+cosby&linkCode=sl1&tag=myebojou-20&linkId=b0e2083307790ae580a62e503c13ca20

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