How to Write Your Memoirs – a Workbook and Guide

Author — Johnny Ray

Type of Book —  Non-Fiction

Description — This book is not one you should sit down and read all the way through in one sitting – you could, just so you can get an idea what the book is about, but because of the way this book is structured, you probably want to work through it a little bit at a time. In this book, Johnny Ray provides some exercises for people who want to write their memoirs. The exercises are designed to help you decide on a working title, figure out why you want to write a memoir, and what you see as the main purpose of writing your memoir, what you want to be remembered for the most, what you see as your legacy, why you feel your story needs to be told, figure out what slice of your life you want to focus on, who you want to include or exclude from your memoir, figure out how much time you have to work on your project and what your schedule will be, how you plan to do your research, figure out if you want to write the memoir yourself or hire a ghostwriter to do it for you, figure out how you’ll keep up with your notes when building your memoir, figure out which people you want to talk to when building your memoir, and then it goes into talking about things you want to include in your timeline, such as places you went to school, dates of birth and death of important people in your life, jobs you worked, people who were big influences in your life, times when your health played a role in your life, as well as other major dates that affected you. It then goes into other things you need to do to write your memoir, but I’m not going to go into those in detail here – I may write a more detailed review of this book later though, because it’s a great book for people who want to write their memoir.

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